34 Best Tsushima Yoshiko Wallpaper HD Phone Wallpapers

Tsushima Yoshiko Wallpaper HD Phone Wallpapers

Yoshiko is a first-year student who was born in the urban side of the city of Numazu. She attended the same kindergarten as her friend Hanamaru, who she calls as “Zuramaru” (ずら丸). Her mother is a teacher at a school.

Yoshiko likes the “little devil” look and proclaims herself to be “Yohane, the Fallen Angel” (堕だ天てん使しヨハネ Datenshi Yohane), an angel who has angered God and was cast from the heavens to Earth for that, developing a human body which is merely a vessel to which her soul is bound to. She developed this split personality since she was in kindergarten, and fully embraced it during middle school. Because of this, it is implied she didn’t have many friends during that time.

Yoshiko meets up with her old kindergarten friend Hanamaru, as well as Chika, You and Ruby in the first episode, though she acts like “Yohane” during that time until Hanamaru drives her to act normally. In the following episode, she attends class but immediately escapes after acting like “Yohane” once again. Finally on Episode 5, she is found by Hanamaru to be hiding on school, and is invited by Chika to form part of Aqours. After the group tries to adopt her “fallen angel” style, however, she leaves the group for causing them trouble with the student council president. She officially joins the group the same episode after they assure her they were okay with her “fallen angel” persona.

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